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    Hey guys,

    In about a month, the hosting on this website will expire, and we will migrate to a new website. I've been working on it for several months, but my time has been limited, so at the moment it's pretty bare bones. The plan is to continue working on it essentially indefinitely. Decius and Jubal have been assisting here and there as well, mostly with design and testing.

    As I wrote on the shout box, it's important to make sure that you know the correct password to your current account on this website. If you have to change it in order to remember it, please do so now. At some point between now and the day we switch over, I will migrate the database to the new site and anything done on this site after that point will not make the transition. I will post both as a reply to this announcement and on the shoutbox when I do that migration. The way the transition will work, the first time you log in on the new site there will have to be a conversion from the account format here to the format the new site uses. There will be no way to change or reset your password until after you log in for the first time and that conversion occurs. I can probably work some magic manually if I have to, but each time I do that is going to take time away from the very limited amount of time I can spend working to improve the new website.

    To be clear, if you know your current password then all you have to do once we switch over is log in to the new site using that password. After that, you can set up auto complete or whatever you want and everything should work fine.

    Communication on the new website is a bit different than here. Some of you will have a lot of fun poking around and seeing what we've come up with, and others may get frustrated. I welcome all feedback. If you'd like to test it as I continue to work on it before the transition, let me know and I'll give you the details. We already did an account migration using account data from around two years ago, so if you haven't changed your password since then, and you remember it, you will be able to log in without a problem.

    Hunter Of Storms

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    Thanks for the heads-up Thorgrim. I wouldn't mind a sneak preview poke around, you can always call it UAT :p
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    Thorgrim Echo Woodsman Steward Cæruxi Sylvan

    Sounds good. I want to tie some things together first but I'll let you know.
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